Why Young Living Essential Oils and not doTERRA?

(WARNING: This post may piss a lot of people off, both in Young Living and doTERRA. So be it. Continue at your own risk.) 😉

In a nutshell: They don’t matter.

The long version?

doTERRA’s marketing strategy is to tell the wildly Star Wars/Indiana Jones-esc tale about the honest underdog escaping from clutches of the dark, massive evil empire to bring light back to the world. And to cheers and accolades, they hope people will reject Young Living and buy into their story… uh, product… and they come out the victors. Couple that with a simple Google search of D. Gary Young and/or Young Living Essential Oils, and their clever tale just got legs.

Well, I have another story to tell: All about the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I am a stickler for common sense. When I am assessing a situation, I try to really see all sides and figure out motivations. That’s where the truth usually falls. Right in the motivation. So here we go…

To our doTERRA counterparts:

1. Have you ever questioned doTERRA’s story of how they came about? Why believe their version at face value? Sure, it looks true. Even sounds true. And, of course, they were on the “inside” so there’s all the credibility you need, right? Well, just to offer another point of view, the story could be more believable if they had left Young Living and did ANYTHING ELSE OTHER than start a competing essential oils company. I mean… really, what other story can they tell? They decided to break away from the world leader in essential oil medicine/production/and research to start a competing company with amateur labs, no farms, and no legs to stand on. When there are no legs to stand on, you have to create legs or you will fall. The only way to create legs in this situation is to defame the integrity of the competing company. Otherwise, who in their right mind would choose a cheap knock-off instead of the real thing??

So it seems to me they would have a lot invested in people needing to believe them or they would never survive. I don’t really see how that makes their story real, true, accurate, etc. After all, it doesn’t really come from a place of integrity. It comes solely from a place of needing sales for survival. And, yes, of course Young Living needs sales to survive as well – as does every company. However, Young Living doesn’t have any competition when it comes to real essential oils. So the only way to compete with Young Living is to defame Young Living. We see this from many brokers, like yourselves, who ride off the backs of everything Young Living has done for the last 20 years. If you think about it, it’s sort of a compliment since people usually only compare themselves to those at the top of their game. So I guess a “thank you” is in order then. Thank you.

2. Aren’t you curious as to what makes doTERRA different from any other broker of essential oils and products (like what a typical health-food store or new age shop is)? Why do they claim to be superior? After all, their education came from Gary Young himself – the world authority in essential oil medicine.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved Dr. Hill when he was with Young Living. I think he’s very charismatic, personable, and relates to the field very well, even better than Gary Young. So I really can see why someone would believe everything he says. You just feel good around him and it seems that he’s really telling the truth and really cares. I get that. I also think I understand why he would have left Young Living. I do not know this from Dr. Hill first-hand, but just from observation, Dr. Hill was a superstar in his own right and being next to Gary was always keeping him in Gary’s shadow. Again, this is not first-hand information, just personal observation. Regardless, it’s still crappy to stab someone in the back and certainly NOT good energy. But that’s a whole other topic…

Back to the question… You have no farms. Your labs are immature. You have no production. You are brokers and so are health food stores. Just brokers of oils. That’s VERY different than what we are at Young Living… just for clarification. So what’s the deal then?

3. Why do you WANT to believe all the negative stuff about Young Living and Gary Young? What if you are just being bamboozled? Again, your corporate staff is very likable and it’s hard to see that when you like people. But, seriously…

Aren’t you curious how YOU were able to figure out that Gary and YL are “bad” yet they still managed to be around for 20 years? Growing rapidly? Used in major hospitals? By top researchers who have rejected doTERRA’s same oils because they do not meet therapeutic standards? Doesn’t any of that make you curious? Sorry, I warned you that I am a stickler for common sense.

4.  Don’t you find it strange that doTERRA’s marketing strategy is to trash another company? Oh wait. I addressed that in the “How to Make a Company Work When it Has No Legs to Stand On” section. You would think they would be able to build their company on the merits of their product. Huh…

5.  For those of you who have actually used an essential oil from Young Living, aren’t you curious about what makes doTERRA’s essential oils so much weaker? This was probably the most striking part for me. After all, your corporate heads are all former Young Living people so they obviously know that there’s a difference. After sampling about 20 of your oils, all of them weaker and with a distinct common scent built-in, I just had to ask my former friends (the heads of your company) what the deal was. One of them told me that they believe Young Living’s oils are “too strong”. And, of course, my response was “By that, you mean pure?!”  because after all, how do you get a weaker oil from a pure oil unless you dilute it in some way??

While we certainly live in an entertainment age where you can’t escape human obsession with negative news, it’s makes me wonder when the crowd will wake up.

Just to be fair… let me also tell you what I do like about doTERRA (from what I can see). You cater to a younger crowd with more fun and lively energy. That alone is a benefit in my opinion. Not enough for me to peddle an inferior and outright questionable product, but still a major benefit. I see the attraction, especially since your corporate heads are very nice, charismatic, and enthusiastic. What a great combination! But still not enough when it comes to the integrity of the product and the lies they were created upon.

To my Young Living peeps:


I know that we all feel a bit defensive and hurt for Gary and Mary since they have devoted their lives to bringing essential oil medicine back to the world and their closest confidants really stabbed them in the back. There’s something about betrayal that gets everyone’s hairs standing on the backs of their neck. It’s still heartbreaking for me to see Gary get all choked up when referring to it. He was so deeply wounded by their level of betrayal. Here he was, trekking through the Amazon Rain Forest on yet another mission with top shaman and scientists, discovering new plants that could bring profound natural medicine to the world, and his “friends” stole his formulas and brilliance to start a competing company, from a little office back in cozy Utah.

We all know that the formula doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the oils that make the formula.

Regardless, this is clearly part of Gary’s journey as it wasn’t the first time he’s been betrayed (but hopefully the last). Let’s just surround him with love and light and get back to our jobs!

We ALL have a lot to learn by this experience. We have the best and most profound product in the world. Period. We know that and we know it’s not just company hype. Like Gary says:

“You can’t just say you have the best product (insert throat clear…doTERRA),
you have to PROVE it.”

And Young Living DOES prove it time and time again.

doTERRA does something way better than us and we could (and should) learn from it. They are not afraid to talk about creating abundance with their product. They really get that message across to a younger crowd that brings more vibrant energy to their company. I really, really LOVE that about them. There is no reason we cannot do the same thing. In fact, that’s what we teach in our personal network and with the TriHarmony Success Training system in general. The training ALONE is a huge advantage we have over any other company. We can all grow so much more quickly, with more confidence, and lay all the questions and insecurities to rest. There is not one single question that I get asked that isn’t answered in the program – including how to show the difference between what we have and what anyone else has.

doTERRA has trained their people well in how to respond to Young Living questions and our responses. The average doTERRA consultant doesn’t know anything about Young Living (or even their own product for that matter) other than what they have been told. And you know the story they are being told: Young Living sucks, has adulterated products, the corporate heads couldn’t take the lack of integrity, yada, yada. Their company heads are using a great psychological marketing tool: say it first, anticipate the response, enact the confirmation bias. In other words, they are really telling what THEY do as if it’s what YOUNG LIVING does knowing how we are going to defend ourselves with the same exact accusations. Really, it’s an awesome wolf in sheep’s clothing scenario and clearly believed by those being spoon-fed the BS.

Why am I saying all of this? Because you need to know that EVERY TIME you get defensive, you are feeding into their cause. It’s only confirming what they have been told! So STOP DEFENDING. If people are attracted to the kind of energy doTERRA founded itself upon, that’s THEIR journey. Even if they don’t know the story, it’s still an energy and energy doesn’t lie! I NEVER feel the need to defend. When I am challenged on the integrity of Young Living products, I first tell the story of how they helped SAVE MY SON’S LIFE and other ways they increased our quality of life. Then I welcome them to compare our essential oils with anyone else’s. Just opening the bottle usually ends that conversation because the difference in strength and quality is so obvious. If we have to take it a step further, we muscle test. Done.

I have never had anyone continue on after that, but if they did? I would ask what it is they were really looking for. Again, for some people, no matter what you say they already have their minds made up and wish them well on their journey. We are only here to help those that actually want it – whether it be in Wellness, Purpose, AND/OR Abundance!

It would be nice and very refreshing to see Young Living start to expand in other directions!

Here are some suggestions:

1. For starters, let’s let young people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s know that they can have a LIFETIME of wellness, purpose, and abundance. It’s not just for people who are sick and broke. Can we please move away from that being our only paradigm? Our most popular market?

2. Let’s have more fun. Lighten up. Be happy. Share from THAT place.

3. Get trained already and increase your confidence level! EVERY SINGLE JOB OR PROFESSION REQUIRES TRAINING! Don’t be so resistant.

4. Acknowledge to people (when asked) that Gary has some faults but it has nothing to do with his integrity or the integrity of the product. In other words, if you keep talking about him like he’s a saint, it makes it look like you are following a cult and he’s the leader, and you’re brainwashed into your beliefs. It’s a little freaky. Cut it out and get real. He has his faults but we love and appreciate him anyway…. just like any other friend or family member.

5. Quit getting so defensive when challenged about Young Living. Not everyone is in a place that allows them to receive. And as far as any “Us vs. Them”: in my opinion, it’s up to THEM to prove themselves. I already know what Young Living does and am very confident about it.

6. Let people know we have a training program – the TriHarmony Success Training system. While this may seem like a shameless plug, it’s my blog and I’m allowed…. BUT that’s not why I am saying it. Training strengthens a company and makes it more efficient. If you want your network and Young Living in general to be the unquestionable powerhouse – TRAIN YOURSELF AND YOUR PEOPLE. Look, you may be great at what you do and think you don’t need someone else helping in that department. You may be right – for YOU. But you are NOT in sales, you are in networking. We can elevate this company to all new levels if people would just understand that power of the network and how to use the training system!

Young Living has the best product with an outstanding training program.
What more could someone want?

That’s the position we could all be coming from instead of this tit-for-tat defensive nonsense.

Back to doTERRA people for a moment:

Once again, why Young Living and not doTERRA? Because they don’t matter. They don’t have what we have and will never have it, at least not for a couple decades…. that’s how far behind doTERRA is. Young Living IS essential oils. Period. Putting a trademark on a phrase like “Therapeutic-Grade” does not mean anything. It’s just a trademark. There’s a lot more that goes into making an essential oil therapeutic grade than a trademark…. but you all probably knew that already.

Let me apologize if this came off rude in any way. That is not my intention. And please also know that my door is always open for you when and if, God forbid, you need some real essential oils to help you. At the risk of sounding arrogant, until you really understand what all of this is about, do not discount something that may actually be what is needed to help you. Your “essential oils” may help with minor issues, just like some health-food store oils can, but when it comes to real issues, you have to use real essential oils. Don’t judge whether an essential oil works or will work based on the success or failure rate of your oils. There is quite a difference when you use the real thing. I expect your company or members to come up with some damage control after this article, but please just keep this all in the back of your mind. You never know when you are going to need it.

To end, I would like to say thank you to both Young Living Essential Oils and doTERRA members. I know that regardless of the politics involved, we are both wanting to help better people’s lives. The world can certainly use more of that. I am going to be so bold to suggest that when we cross each other’s paths, let’s both acknowledge our good intentions and honor each other for where we are at in our lives. Let’s stay open minded and be willing to learn…. even if the lesson doesn’t feel so good when it shows up.

Yours in Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance,

Jihan Thomas
Asset-Developer, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Counselor/Practitioner, Success Trainer



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  1. Thank you so much for this! I had being doing my own research and came to the same conclusion. You just put it in a better and bolder package for me. Thank you!

  2. I was so impressed with your well-written and comprehensive article Jihan. It really spells out a lot for a newcomer like me and also inspires me to develop the business end and pursue the Tri-Harmony Training. Thank you!

  3. I recall sitting in a break-out session at a Young Living Convention some years ago…and Dr. Hill was the speaker in this session and he was talking about working in the clinic in Springville…he started it with stating that he was new to the oils and he didn’t know much about them but he was learning from Gary right along with us…..found it interesting that he chose to start his own company with so little knowledge to draw from….I don’t believe he could have done it without the knowledge that the ones that jumped had or took with them and they needed a “Doctor” to validate their company.

  4. I couldn’t have said it better myself Jihan. Like my wife tells my daughter, when you know in your heart something is NOT TRUE, why get offended or defensive? We all KNOW the TRUTH and we all must be courageous and wise enough to enlighten those who remain in the dark or fall victim to dazzling marketing campaigns.

  5. This blog post is simply AMAZING! I very much enjoyed reading it, and I feel so much more EMPOWERED! I commend you for being such a great leader, pioneer and innovator! We are blessed to have you and the TriHarmony Success Training! My group has grown tremendously because of it. I never would have imagined such positive results with such little effort…..it’s all in the system. No more guessing! Thanks again Jihan!

  6. Well said. I had a Young Living booth at a health fair in Asheville, NC this past weekend. There were actually two doTERRA booths – yes, two of them. If we don’t get out there and expose ourselves to the world, the doT’s of the world will. When people came to my booth asking me questions and bring doT into the conversation – my only response was this: We’ve been in this business for over 20 years, the people at doT learned everything they know about oils from Young Living – do you want to do business with the teacher or the student? Do you notice how they are always comparing themselves to Young Living? – that’s because we have set the standard that everyone else is trying to reach. Then I would change the subject. If they insisted on talking about doT, I would tell them that maybe they should go try their product and see if it does anything for them.

    We have a responsibility to get out there and teach and expose people to Young Living – they are not going to come to us, and if we sit back and wait for them, they will be “taught” by someone else. Wake up, Young Living Distributors. Get to work, and quit being defensive – it only adds fuel to the fire.

  7. I have a few questions of my own doTERRA?
    I don’t have any attitude in my voice when I write this. I really am curious?
    *Where are your farms? We currently have five? (At least on my last count because Young Living’s growth is so rapid.) How can you be the leader when you don’t have your own farms?
    *Why do you use the word “source” when describing where you get your oils from?
    *Why do you come out with a new blend with similar oils blended together and with a similar name just after Young Living came out with a blend? Your AromaTouch was copycatted after Raindrop but just smooths the oils in instead of feathering them in. And OnGuard tells the same story of the thieves robbing the graves that Young Living originally told.
    *Why do you compare yourself to Young Living and no one else? Young Living doesn’t compare itself to anyone.
    *Why does your blood analysis Balance blend video look like a digitized version of Young Living’s live blood anaylsis Valor blend video? Why is it the exact same video, just digitized and cut off, and scattered around?
    *Why are your promotions so expensive? You could spend less to get the same oils free in Young Living?
    *My biggest question I have is “Why does intelligent doTERRA distributors tolerate doTERRA double talk?” Why when doTERRA’s oils are rejected by Dr. Hin’s cancer studies in Oklahoma does your former Young Living “doctor” tell you at your annual convention that Young Living just made your oils look good when they pointed out that third-party testing found out that doTERRA’s frankincense doesn’t contain boswellic acid. This wasn’t a test conducted in a Young Living lab. This was third-party, unbiased testing. I really want to know how people who are capable of thinking for themselves don’t sit there and watch that convention video and watch that doctor stumble on his words and make up excuses about “water” testing as to why boswellic acid is not in doTERRA’s frankincense oil. This video shows the letterhead of the company who did the testing. That is not Young Living letterhead.

    Like I said, I just want to know. I’m not being ugly.
    As a Young Living distributor who uses Young Living oils but was trained by Aromahead Institute who also has their own farms and who also pays for third party testing, I can’t claim that I’m with the best essential oil company without viewing the long-term history and without the science to back my words. I stand behind both of these companies. Aromahead doesn’t compare itself to Young Living. It doesn’t come out with a blend right after Young Living does and then call it by a similar name because the oils blended together are similar to the ones Young Living used. It doesn’t even have its own Raindrop Technique called by a different name. Aromahead is not a copy cat company saying its the leader in this industry.

    This is not intended to hurt my doTERRA friends’ feelings. These are objective questions I’m asking. People are getting a result from doTERRA oils. There must be “something” to them. Until I know where they are “sourced” from (with scientific proof), that “something” could be lab based just as pharmaceutical drugs are. And people do get a result from synthetic lab-based drugs.

    • Quote from a YL letter from the YL team to all YL distributors:
      “Does Young Living’s frankincense contain boswellic acid?
      A; No, Boswellic acid is not an oil-soluable aramatic compound and is NOT found in the essential oil of frankincense…..”

      INTERESTING!!! It appears that YL is changing their hearts when faced with scientific fact.

  8. thank you Jihan for a well written article….you are absolutely right! We have work to do – sharing the knowledge we have acquired with Young Living Essential Oils. There are many people out there who would like an experience with Young Living essential oils so let’s just get on with it and thank you Jihan for sharing the tools to do this with as efficiently as possible

  9. I’m sorry, it’s me again. This just blows my mind. “If” you get your oils “sourced” from a farm, wouldn’t that farm be the leader, not doTERRA? It is impossible to be the leader or be the best in this industry without your own farms?

    And why does doTERRA tell their distributors to just “smell” the oils to determine for themselves what they like. How is an untrained nose going to scientifically tell what the percentage of monoterpenes is in doTERRA’s oils?

    Smelling an oil is what perfumer’s do. They remove the monoterpenes to make the smell of the flower from which the essential oil is distilled from more potent.
    Does doTERRA remove monoterpenes, which are the healing molecules of the plant, to make their oils smell better?

    By the way, I smelled a doTERRA frankincense. I cried. I couldn’t even recognize it. That broke my heart. If it didn’t even smell, or even smell like frankincense, then what was missing, and what else is missing? I used Frankincense and Sandalwood to prevent my daughter from having seizures. I would be scared to use doTERRA’s frankincense on my daughter based on the smell test. Based on the smell test, I would be afraid she would still have a seizure.

    I don’t think the “smell” test will hold up for everyone.

  10. I knew Dr. Hill when he worked for YL. He is a good person, however I think he made a bad decision. In my view, he saw the opportunity to start his own company and make a lot of money. His ethics failed him – he fooled himself into thinking that he deserved more pay than he was getting so he took what he could get his hands on and betrayed Gary’s trust. Water under the bridge. Some people believe the lie that anything is ok in love, war, and business. Sadly, this is too often the case in our world. He probably thought that he could get a company going and steel a number of YL top people and get them to supply him with more secrets.

    It is really too bad that Hill lacked the integrity to live by ethics and stay with YL. He might have really accomplished something astonishing if he had. He opted to cheat, lie, and steal to get the appearance of that which he can never achieve. He is giving essential oils a bad name by selling diluted products and attacking YL. He is probably hoping to cause enough distrust of EO’s to hurt YL’s business and thereby profit until his supplies run out – then sell his business to someone not knowing the truth who will soon find out they bought smoke and mirrors.

    I agree with Jihan, it hurts YL to try to defend YL in the face of doTERRA’s rantings. We are far better to use a Christian approach – Pray for him and for God to work in his life to bring him to admit his wrong and confess the truth, that he might change his ways and live by the truth. You see, he knows enough to tell people how to get some good results from his diluted products – enough to convince them he is right. However, when the rubber meets the road, his product crumbles – as in the example of Frankincense which lacks the very key ingredient that eats and contains cancer/tumor cells. Why would anyone believe YL’s information on Frankincense if they use his Frankincense and find it useless?

    We are far better off if we say, I’m glad you got results with those oils, now here is my experience. Then ask if they are willing to try YL to compare the results? There is so much deceit in the world that it is difficult to explain/tell about the purity and quality of YL oils without sounding like the deceivers.

    • Who had the bad ethics?

      Quote from a YL letter from the YL team to all YL distributors:
      “Does Young Living’s frankincense contain boswellic acid?
      A; No, Boswellic acid is not an oil-soluable aramatic compound and is NOT found in the essential oil of frankincense…..”

      INTERESTING!!! It appears that YL is changing their hearts when faced with scientific fact.

  11. This is interesting…I have a friend of mine who is going to compare Young Living with DoTerra (she has another friend who is in DoTerra) and when I was talking to her, she said she wants to smell both and compare…Didn’t dawn on me why she was saying that..until I read Tiffany’s response. Thanks, Tiffany!

    I may give her the link to this post….

  12. I am a cosmetogist of over 30 years. I was checking the ingredients of doTerra’s skincare line, and through two websites: EWGskindeep, and TruthInAging.com I discovered that they contain many synthetic, toxic and allergen causing ingredients. Even though it looks like a lot of good nourishing ingredients are included in the products, I opt not to use them, and I also question the integrity of the doTerra’s essential oils…if they are putting harmful synthetics in the skin care, I can’t trust that the oils will be as pure as they want us to believe. I think this information is helpful when talking to their distributors, and for anyone thinking about jumping ship.

  13. Reblogged this on Heaven On Earth Scents and commented:
    Hi All,

    I wanted to forward on this very important blog post from Jihan Thomas who also is a YL Distributor. This word press blog post will give you more insight about DoTerra essential oils and why Young Living is far more superior than theirs.

    The unfortunate thing here is that the owners and founders of DoTerra Essential Oils are former Young Living employees and I knew both of them, esp. Dr. David Hill.

    I do not want to go into all the drama about what really happened, because I really do not know to that extent, only that certain people affiliated with Young Living “stole” formulas from Young Living and Gary Young.

    Please read Jihan’s very informative post and please forward.

    If you are interested in purchasing YL’s essential oils and products, please contact me or go to my websites on my blog to order. Thanks!

  14. Full disclosure – I’m a YL employee (I take pictures – for example the one that starts your blog post 🙂 I’ve been here for about a decade and you “literally” made me laugh out loud with your #2 suggestion for Young Living:
    “Let’s have more fun. Lighten up. Be happy. Share from THAT place.”
    I have often said “If the company (Young Living) were a person, that person would have no sense of humor”.
    I enjoyed your insightful post.

  15. Interesting article. To “Tiffany”. Isn’t it true that pure frankincense essential oil should NOT have boswellic acid within it, or else it would not be 100% pure? Boswellic acid is ONLY found in the frankincense resin.

    Anyone else study chemistry? Does YL’s frankincense have boswellic acid in it? I’m concerned now.

    Thanks ahead. I would appreciate some answers.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you for posting. Your info is not true. Some species of Frankincense do not contain boswellic acid. Of the ones that do, the resin has to be distilled very quickly after harvest in order for it to show up in the oil. That’s why Young Living has a distillery right in Oman. Brokers don’t have the ability to do this and therefore think, erroneously, that it’s not supposed to be there. Boswellic acids are very beneficial and greatly sought after by researchers studying its effects with cancer and such.


      • Jihan, respectfully, this makes no sense. It’s molecular compounds are way too high.

      • You have been mislead Jihan. Boswellic Acids are a triterpene. It is a physical and chemical impossibility for it to be distilled at all. It’s like trying to make a rock float. It’s too large of a molecule for it to be lifted by steam, it just won’t! I have found multiple 3rd party (outside YL and doTERRA) scientists and chemists that have confirmed that Boswellic Acids must be extracted with a SOLVENT in order for it to be extracted from the resin. So, either the oil has a lingering chemical from this solvent; therefore, not pure, or the company is simply grinding the resin and putting it in the oil. Either way, this is not a PURE frankincense oil! The YL website even says your Carterii version is not 100% pure! Read your ingredients on your website.

      • We have not been misled. Essential oil distillation is both an art and a science. A chemist with a standard PhD will no nothing about essential oil distillation. Even Gary Young keeps learning and doing things they never thought possible because it’s not written in books. Young Living consistently changes the way scientists have viewed plant medicine. Only a company with 30 years experience and total devotion to this art and science could do that.

        As for the purity, I don’t think there’s even a debate. I know renowned scientists from around the world who will only use YL in there research BECAUSE of the purity. They have tested all sorts of oils, including doTERRA’s, and they haven’t even met the grade.

        There was a video posted on here that maybe you should watch. It might help you to understand the science of it a little better, especially when it comes to Frankincense.

        Thank you for responding!

      • Susie, Good to “see” you again. I know you have been trying very hard to wrap your brain around all of this. Did you watch the video below? It goes into more depth.

      • From David Stewart’s (PhD, DNM) book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: Classes of Terpenes found in Essential Oils – pg 260 – include Monoterpene, Sesquiterpene, Diterpene, Triterpene, Tetraterpene – all of these 5 classes of Terpenes are the only terpenes you will find in aromatic oils because they are the smallest molecular weights. Generally speaking, any molecule more than 500 amu will not pass through distillation, nor through human skin, nor through the blood brain barrier. Triterpenes are 408 amu.

        Except for traces, triterpenes and tetraterpenes are absent from distilled oils. Frankincense is a resin. There is a different process for Frankincense. Tri- and tetraterpene molecules do not contribute to the fragrances of the oils that contain them because they are too large and heavy to be aromatic.

        Page 35: The resins of Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) and Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) typically contain 3-9% essential oils and are relatively high yielding species, though difficult to harvest and rare in habitat.

        Also read this document: http://aromatherapyliving.com/docs/Frankincense_Paper.pdf – Researchers in Tokyo, Japan discovered that the extract of B. carteri contains a number of triterpene acids like boswellic acids and incensole acetate that exhibited potent activities.

      • Quote from a YL letter from the YL team to all YL distributors:
        “Does Young Living’s frankincense contain boswellic acid?
        A; No, Boswellic acid is not an oil-soluable aramatic compound and is NOT found in the essential oil of frankincense…..”

        INTERESTING!!! It appears that YL is changing their hearts when faced with scientific fact. You WERE IN FACT MISLED JIHAN. But, I believe it wasn’t intentional. I do believe it was based on what you were told, but unfortunately the scientist that propogated the information didn’t do his due diligence. It happens. We’re all human.

        I’m glad the truth is now out in the open. I hope we can all move on and let this be now.

        doTERRA’s Alpha CRS contains Boswellic Acids. This is where you can get this incredible cancer fighter! For those of you who were healed of your cancer through YL Frankincense oils, praise God! There are other constituents in Frankincense that fight cancer, and that’s probably what did it, not the BA’s. Thankful you are healed. 🙂

  16. Thank you for this post. Nobody could have said it better. I’ve been a YL distributor for little more than 8 yrs and I love all of their oils! I have also learned so much from Gary and stayed loyal to the co. even when I read other people’s diffamational judgments. May God bless the Youngs and their company and may they continue on the same path. Blessings and Oils!!

  17. Sorry to burn some of the YL members, I did a testing and YL oils are not pure. It left a residue. I think doTERRA is far superior which is very very pure with no chemicals and residues.

  18. I have been a doTerra product consultant for 3 months. I have never heard of Young Living oils until today when my daughter in Alaska told me she met someone who uses essential oils called Young Living. I came online to learn about your oils, and I am so surprised to find animosity between the companies! I am very active in building my doTerra business and none of my upline has ever said anything negative about any other businesses. We just focus on our products. I am a well educated and credentialed high school science teacher and I have researched doTerra in all the ways I know how, and I have not found anything suspicious with the company. Young Life, also, seems to be an excellent and reputable company.

    • Jeri
      Glad to see you here!! It is always wonderful to know there are people still looking for options other than pharmakia practices.
      I tell people, if you stop eating processed food and have some raw fruits and vegetables, you will feel better!! Which seems to still hold true, but so many fruits and vegetables are GMO, what will be next!!
      I have been with YL for about 6 years, just before the inception of the company you promote. For me the problem is like this – YL must have the best products, or the employees would not have stolen formulas.
      It seems to me like a scenario I’ve seen too many times. One partner leaves town to work, when he comes home, the other partner has taken everything and is now trying to ruin his reputation.

  19. wow. i used thousands of dollars of young living products. this is the worst thing you could do for young living. i have not seen doTerra trash YL but there sure is a lot of doTerra bashing going on with YL people. what a shame you did not just let YL products stand on their own instead of trying to sell them by bashing another company. i have lost respect for YL because of their own actions – and yours. . Too bad they cannot handle the competition.

      • Jihan,
        Just wanted to say I love how you respond to negative-focused/critical people, a wonderful example that I so needed right now. Much love!

    • Heh. Am a casual YL distributor with a skeptical eye to some of the Gary-worship and various fluctuating business practices (decidedly, a recent ker-fuffle over an reportedly Mary-led attempt to severely restrict the accrued essential-rewards points available to the loyal small-fry), but have had good results with many of the oils, supplements and personal care products.

      Hoping to find a deal on a Therapro diffuser (elsewhere called an Aroma-Ace) online and ran across the doTerra name for the first time tonight, clicked around the first google searches, and quickly came upon these links: http://www.doterra-aromatics.com/info/doterraStory.html http://www.health-essentials.info/members/january2009.html#why

      It’s both implied and stated that YL has issues with contamination, deteriorating standards and practices, etc, all while taking pains to claim that’s not what they’re doing.

      YL is no utopia, but the odd contradictions and fixations seen within minutes of searching about dT aren’t overly inviting either. Probably staying put for the simplicity of the devil I know. ;D

  20. I have been a doTERRA IPC since August 2011. Since I have been with the company, I have never heard anyone talk bad of Young Living or any other company. As Jeri said, we focus on our products and the benefits it offers others. These oils have been life changing for my friends, family and also myself. I have had other Young Living users try doTERRA’s oils, and they do have their favorites from both Young Living and doTERRA. Each person is different, they just need to find the one that works for them. I can only speak for myself through the experience I’ve had with my team. We can only share our product with the research we have done and our own testimony, then its up to those individuals to decide. We all have the intent to help others and give them the opportunity to have a life free of synthetic drugs by using natural oils. I believe that’s what is important. 🙂

    • Very well said, Jennie! It’s nice to know that maybe the YL bashing is starting to calm down from doTERRA. We agree that everyone’s product should stand on their own merit. Thank you for responding!

  21. I have been hearing about both of these companies for a couple months now, & have used 4 YL oils so far. I have never heard anything negative from either “side” of this issue. But reading this makes me feel defiled and sad somehow. I would rather have no part in this.

    • Yes, Kim. It’s been very sad at times. I’m glad you haven’t had to be part of the disgraceful bickering. Since this article came out, it has mostly stopped…. and that was the point. Try not to reject essential oils just because of the petty nonsense. Try them out and see what works for you because they are absolutely and wonderfully life-changing. Thank you for responding.

      • How about some third party research outside of BOTH companies? Read my blog. http://shoppingbysusie.com/wordpress/?p=244 It’s actually a lengthy 4 part answer in response to this blog with a focus on Frankincense and Boswellic Acids. Comments are welcomed. But, please stop making accusations towards doTERRA’s founders, and it’s founding. With any story, each side has their own version. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

        And please stop saying that doTERRA stole formulas. Any chemist or scientist with a brain who can read can create a blend of oils that works for certain health issues. Our scientific board is made up of doctors, nurses, and research scientists. And, our formulas are quite different than YL’s. Have you read the ingredients lists? Very different actually.

        Anyway, I wish we could all just get along! I know everyone has a preference. I found the doTERRA’s oils worked better for my bone spur, and my baby’s diaper rash. Other’s may find YL oils better. Who cares. As long as we are all using what God created instead of man’s synthetics, won’t we all be better off? I think there’s enough business to go around. 🙂 Just think how many make-up MLM’s are out there, and 50% of the population (men) aren’t even customers!

      • Hi Susie, I agree that this should be laid to rest. The truth always seems to reveal itself and I am not sure everyone is ready for the truth. Thank you for responding!

  22. Jennifer I don’t think you are being deliberately mislead this is just showing the level of ignorance out there (granted it is a new science….HPLC that is) but it is something a scientific “expert” in the essential oil world should absolutely know about. WARNING do not watch the video above unless you are ready to walk away from DoTerra. The most recent frankincense video from YL puts the whole issue completely to rest it is clear you have not watched this. The acids don’t come out in a traditional GC/MS readout because of their temp flashpoint but they come out in HPLC. Also know this is not based on conjecture or info from YL but from 3rd party objective sources/studies.

  23. ha! I still can’t imagine why DoTerra would ever want to compete against the WORLD LEADER IN ESSENTIAL OILS…it’s so silly. Yl was started first and started with a passion and so much more to say, but I cannot believe we are still talking about this. YL is obviously superior. I wish DoTeraa lots of success, but YL is THE BEST! Hands down! 🙂

  24. I have been a Young Living user for 15 years. My family and friends love them and have had great success using them. I have recently been introduced to Do Terra oils and thefirstt thing these distributors did was trash YL. Because of that I won’t try their oils. Love Gary and all his dedication and hardwork

  25. wow..reading any of this makes one not want to try any of it which makes me sad. It makes it really hard for someone just starting out on this journey to know which way to go.

    • All you have to do is try the oils. Try them all. It will be obvious which way your body needs you to go. I for one have tried both YL and doTERRA. The YL oils did nothing for me, doTERRA took my pain away in 15 minutes. That’s all it took for me to decide.

    • I agree. I would try both YL and doTERRA oils and see what you are attracted to. After that, I would go to the YL farms and distilleries around the world and see what it really takes to create a therapeutic-grade essential oil. It will blow you away! Don’t let all of this stupid bickering prevent you from experiencing one of the most magnificent medicines God gifted this planet. This is a great video on the process: http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/company/seedToSeal/seedToSealVideo

      I have been to the Utah farms/distillery many times and traveled to Ecuador once to study. It truly is a lost art that Gary Young has brought back. I started out using a different company’s oils. They were good and I definitely got results. But it wasn’t until I really saw first-hand what went into this that I realized I wanted to be with the top company. Not only are many oils exclusive to YL, the reason they are exclusive to YL is because Gary Young and the other researchers discovered them themselves. Many plants that are in no publication in the world, have been discovered and are now available for therapeutic use through Young Living. That’s why it’s important to me to be with the source, not just a broker. Our research team does not just sit behind the desk ordering from their suppliers. They are in the Amazon Rain Forest, the Omani desert, the Balsam forest, etc etc gathering the plant material themselves and taking them to the distillers (that YL has patented) themselves. And the best part? Young Living members are invited to be part of the whole process – from the planting to the harvesting to the distillation. YL is an open-book company. It’s a whole other experience than just buying and selling. It’s hard to describe the feeling of satisfaction knowing we are all part of this greater purpose.

      I would never claim that doTERRA oils do not work for some people, even many people. For me, it was just important to be with the world leader because I wanted to use them medicinally and with a company that’s been around long enough and still has an outstanding track record. Plus, I am the type that doesn’t always accept things at face value. I wanted to see it all for myself. Everyone has different motives, though, for their decisions. What’s important to one may not be important to another. We would always encourage people to do what’s best for them.

  26. I have used YLEO in my practice almost since the company began. I am not into MLM, but healing. I was introduced to YLEO after being completely disappointed with other existing oils. I carry all the oils and a few other CTG oils and routinely cross-test them in the medical practice using the reliable osteopathic palpatory experience (and often multiple practitioners). Only in one oil has the YLEO not been the best choice, and that was Helichrysm, and even then, it was because the patients tested better for the Helichrysm Serotinum var., instead of H. Italicum.

    I heard about doT from Premier Labs distributors, who said that the YLEO oils always test ‘off’ on one (of four) polarities, but that the doT oils test ‘on’ for all. Even though I highly respect these practitioners, I can’t duplicate their results with independent osteopathic doctors. For my practice, and those of many other concerned physicians, quality EOs carry healing information on a number of levels, that proper growing, handling, distilling, and distribution can preserve. We are concerned when corporate tactics including fear, inuendo) take precedent over the integrity of the product.

    I am concerned when a patient is carefully tested for an oil, and decides to buy a non-tested oil based on a ‘friends’ commercial effort (based on a “chose your description” story). It is very difficult to separate out what causes what when the patient returns (often chosing not to disclose having used an untested oil). Salesmanship and integrity rarely wear the same pants.Integrity tends to be too boring.

  27. Defensive all the way through. Attacking also. NEVER have I heard this venom from anyone in my two years with doTERRA. You have clearly shown the lack of integrity. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  28. Funny how I never heard of young living til doterra. But I am very INTERESTED in getting some of your oils, I am big into essential oils, I love them but I want PUREST OILS for my family and if I need to switch companies I absolutely will. So if you could post how I can get in touch with you our a yl representive that would be awesome. Thanks for this I was sick of reading bashing on you tube etc.

  29. I recently had a very (intelligent) good friend come to me and discuss DoTerra sales. She apparently has a relative that’s been with DoTerra for about a year and is now collecting somewhat of a weekly stipend. Usually my friend is very skeptical and cynical (as am I), so I was very surprised how quickly she was romanced by DoTerra. I felt pressure from her right away and felt that every time we talked it was like she couldn’t discuss anything else. Initially I had done no research but soon thereafter knew that she was waiting for me to say yes or no to joining DoTerra. I can tell you STRAIGHT AWAY the first thing she and her relative talked about was how the people who run DoTerra left Young Living (another group I knew nothing about) because of jjst about every single bad thing under the sun. Now, I ama very skeptical person by nature and I’ve always found that where there’s smoke there’s fire. Those of you who claim DoTerra doesn’t talk badly about Young Living are full of it. Furthermore, that may woo dummies or silly people who live on conspiracy theories and drama, but for people like myself and several others I’ve seen writing comments, it does nothing but turn us off completely. The sad truth of the matter is that I believe there are healing properties in essential oils, but what I don’t believe in is a company making money at the expense of another, all the while making up seemingly untruthful lies. So what does a person like myself do with this? Research. You really have to dig but I can tell you what I’ve found is that while some may consider DoTerra’s marketing model fun and exciting, I find disturbing. Why? Because it breeds cult-like lunatics. It is apparent that DoTerra does a lot of work keeping their legal issues and sticky situations off the first ten pages of Google, but if you know how to look you will find that DoTerra uses sneakingly suspicious business practices as well as knowingly allows nutty, over-the-top salespeople to mislead or outright lie to customers. Here’s a clue people. If the BBB refuses to accredit a company, that’s probably a bad sign. Here’s another; if a company refuses to acknowledge litigations and/or complaints to the point that the BBB/Attorney General’s office forces them into arbitration and that company LOSES every time, that’s suspect at best. On the other hand, I have to say I have not found any of this with Young Living, and trust me I looked. The funniest part of it all is that IF I CHOOSE to become a distributor, DoTerra actually sent me to Young Living, and that’s who I would do business with. Lastly, thank you for the insightful blog, I really appreciate hearing others’ opinions. Good luck, and in closing just sell me a good product that speaks for itself. Nothing is better than a straightforward product that is worth the price it costs the consumer. Thank you!

  30. Funny how throughout this blog, doTERRA is accused of bashing. doTERRA does not bash YL. And, if you are coming across reps that do, that is THEM, not doTERRA. You are independent contractors too, I would think you would understand that concept. The accusations make me laugh because this whole blog is bashing doTERRA. I’ve asked for research, you only give me YL research or research from someone who is affiliated or paid by Young Living. Nothing 3rd party. I’m sorry, but I found several OTHER essential oil scientists that backed up doTERRA.

    You point me to a video on your site. Funny, it was published by YL. That’s not “research.” On top of that, the video doesn’t even answer any of the questions posed by doTERRA, it simply bashes, and attempts to stray the viewer. No science or proof is offered. Only YL research, Gary Young opinion, and affiliated quotes. Sorry, that’s not real research when YL is behind it.

    This is an email response from Arjun Diwan, with Gwalior Forest Products, one of the leading manufacturers of Herbal, Nutraceutical and Phytochemical extracts in India.
    “Hi Susie,
    1. Hydro-distillation works for extracting Boswellia Oil from the Resin. For the Boswellic Acids solvent extraction is required.
    2. One can extract Boswellic Acids and then add it to their product; however mostly it will be in a powdered form. I am not aware of water soluble boswellia extract being offered.
    3. Boswellic Acids cannot be Hydro-distilled and will not appear in the pure essential form from distillation. They will have to be added after the oil has been distilled.”

    You can’t get more honest than that. This person is from India, and doesn’t even know that YL or doTERRA even exist. And to claim this scientist just “doesn’t know” is ridiculous. Chemistry is chemistry. Molecular weight is molecular weight. These are sciences that do not “change” with the scientist. I can’t make a rock float anymore than any other person. For Gary to claim it, well, it’s funny actually.

    I’ve posted links to my blog here, so that people could go read some REAL research, and they disappear. They are no where to be found. Talk about “sneakingly suspicious business practices.”

    I don’t even know why I continue to comment here. You will believe what you want. It just makes me sad that people trying to find the truth will stumble on this and think your opinion is fact. EO’s are amazing medicine. Use them. Who cares where you get it. Do your own research. Oh, and by the way, BioMed Central, where most YL “research” is published is a bought and paid for publication division of PubMed.gov. Anyone can submit a research study and article, and have it “published” by paying the publication fee. Did you know that?

    • Hi Susie,
      First of all, I have published every single comment that has come my way, good or bad. You are always so offensive. Why are you so upset by YL? It seems that nothing that is presented to you will matter. You are just looking for things to confirm your bias.

      I am gathering that you are very new to all of this, in terms of essential oils, and probably have had no exposure to YL, only doTERRA. I can see how that alone would leave you very confused about essential oil medicine science and practices. The facts are it DOES matter if you are specialized in the art and distillation of essential oils and if you were with a company that practiced that themselves, you would be aware of how important it is.

      Once again, YL has discovered information about plants and essential oils that has made 200 year old books need to be rewritten. It’s a shame when it’s declared that we know everything there is to know about science and chemistry. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. This, by the way, was also declared at the turn of the 20 century and think about how much technology came about in that next 100 years!

      Now that the lawsuit has been filed against doTERRA, I imagine a lot more information will be emerging.

      If doTERRA works for you, all the power to you. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the truth always seems to reveal itself. Maybe we will just have to wait and see.

      As for doTERRA corporate not bashing YL? That’s sort of comical. One of the leaders in YL just contacted me saying that Dr. Hill just tried to actively recruit her and people in her network all the while bashing YL.

      I think we all need to just let this rest and do what we can to spread the great message of essential oils to the world. Young Living Essential Oils has been life-changing for me and many others. Just like many doTERRA people claim. So many can benefit from just from this information. They will naturally be attracted to the company that works for them.

      Many, many blessings to you on your journey.

  31. If my attempt to argue with the lies being perpetuated, and the accusations comes across as “offensive.” My apologies. I’m not upset at YL. I’m upset at the claims that “doTERRA is evil”. Um, this is America. It’s called competition. Fair game. The consumer will decide. And… already has. (side note to the above who claims YL is the world leader. How can they say that when in 4 years, doTERRA has already surpassed YL?)

    Ok, I’ll put a link here again just to see what happens. http://shoppingbysusie.com/wordpress/?p=244

    This link is to #1 in a series of 4 regarding YL and doTERRA and the whole argument over Boswellic Acids.

    And, yes, doTERRA doesn’t farm their own oils. Why? Because our founders are doctors and nurses and health professionals, not farmers. doTERRA’s focus is about health and healing, not farming. We let the experts who have been doing it for generations continue to do it. They are carefully selected, and monitored to ensure purity and potency of the final product. Why would I trust a man who spent his life learning about the human body, and medical science that just says, hmm, I can farm better than anyone else. Um. no. And you said it. It’s just as much an art as it is a science. Why not leave it to the experts? Seems silly that a Lavender grown in a desert would have a similar powerful medicinal quality than the Lavender grown where God himself planted it? It can’t. You even said this, God provided this. A human that comes along and claims he can do better? hmmm

    Call us brokers, dealers, sellers, whatever. You are too. You’re just doing a cheaper version because you’re farming it yourselves. Oh wait, your oils cost just as much, so no, they aren’t cheaper, just cheaper to produce; therefore, marked up more. Brilliant money making business decision actually.

    And, where’s the sustainability there? Where’s the giving back to the generations of farmers who depend on this trade?

    Oh, and fyi, Young Living isn’t accredited by the BBB.

    • Thanks, Alicia. I know. I am really finding their amateur and immature level of knowledge of essential oils appalling. You can see how they are grasping at straws now and refuse to let the science speak for itself. Sigh…. to each his own… 🙂

  32. I love how one person, me, is now considered a “they.” I think I’m the “one” you are referring to above. And I’m a person, not a company. I’m an independent contractor, not doTERRA. I would hope you would see that these are MY responses, MY thoughts. I wasn’t “fed” this information from my leaders.

    Science? Did you read the science and research I compiled in my blog? Apparently not. I love how attacks and insults come, and when they are responded to with science and fact, it’s dismissed as amateur and immature knowledge. I guess my Master’s degree, and Bachelors in Biology makes me one with immature knowledge. Funny. Science is science. If you truly understood science you would understand how the claims of Boswellic Acids being steam distilled is simply ridiculous. Instead you choose to believe the claims of one man, your founder, whose goal is to sell a product. I urge you once again, to look at some third party scientific research that is not affiliated with your company. I’ve compiled some in my blog. Although, I know you will probably will not read it. You will continue to believe that his claims of “a new method” are true. Gosh, really? He must be God then to be able to change science at it’s very core. I didn’t know that a man had the omnipotent power to change the mass of a molecule. That’s miraclous! I wonder if he could wave his wand over me and instantaneously change the mass and volume of my hair too. I would love to have thick hair! Sound ridiculous? Well, yes, it is.

    In the meantime, I know at the basic level, essential oils are amazing healers. I know YL has a decent product, and so does doTERRA, as well as many other companies. Isn’t our true goal to help people get off pharmaceuticals?

    Good luck to you as doTERRA continues to excel regardless of the lies, accusations, and even lawsuits.

    • I am not sure why you are so stuck on this “one man” thing. Young Living works with some of the most progressive scientists, physicians, researchers and hospitals in the world.

      And you do not know the science, period. I was a university-level researcher myself and taught research methods.

      I do have to say that you have gotten me curious though. I first thought that you were just so new to essential oils that you just didn’t know any better. But your total obsession with this blog coupled with posts that are full of misinformation and inaccuracies has me wondering if you work for doTERRA and just troll blogs spreading all of this stuff to further their marketing agenda.

      Thankfully, our readers are more discerning and I have gotten wonderful emails from people all over the internet who are able to see right through the nonsense. Most of them have never heard of YL or doTERRA. This ended up being a wonderful opportunity to spread the message of wellness, purpose, and abundance.

      While I know you continue to be very angry, I have to tell you with all sincerity that I appreciate you taking so much time to post here. I love your fierce loyalty. While I do not agree with much of your assessments, probably just because experience and science outweighs a lot here, I really appreciate that you are so committed to essential oil therapies that you seem to want to shout from the rooftops. We are one and the same when it comes to that.

      So all bickering aside, human-to-human, I wish you nothing but many blessings and tons of wellness, purpose, and abundance. You are right, no matter what, people just need to know that EOs exist and can have a huge, positive impact in their lives – like it did for me… and you.

  33. I am just beginning to learn about oils – and I found this site by accident searching ravensara. I just went to my very first doTerra presentation last month – 8/2012 you should know that demeaning Young Living and saying that “had” to split off because of their practices is exactly what I was told. I now feel very confused…I was about to spend close to a thousand dollars.

    • Yes we know this is a regular practice of theirs. They also have all sorts of inaccurate talking points like Frankincense shouldn’t contain boswellic acids and their oils come from the ‘source’ and YL’s Lavender only comes from a farm in Utah (they are apparently unaware of our Lavender farm in Provence, France). It goes on and on. I know the founders of doTERRA personally and some of their corporate workers and they continue with the same rhetoric trying to dissuade anyone from YL. It’s a shame but I believe the truth always comes out. Many of their lies and inaccuracies have already been exposed. Everyone else supporting doTERRA that I have seen are just newbies using their talking points and gathering info from chemists not even in the field of essential oil medicine – which is ever changing due to the research of YL. One thing I give them though, is that they are excellent marketers. They hook on a talking point and run with it, whether it’s true or not. And the more they repeat it, the more it’s believed. If they knew anything about essential oils, they would understand the absolute value of having some of your own farms and distilleries, like the world’s scientific and medical communities understand. They would also be aware of more sophisticated testing methods. Good luck to you! I hope you are happy wherever you land. And if you would like more info about Young Living or essential oils in general, please do not hesitate to ask. Jihan 🙂

    • Serena, please do some research outside of people’s blogs and opinions. Research outside of YL and doTERRA. You will surely find the truth that you are looking for. Bottom line, use oils, not pharmaceuticals. Doesn’t really matter what brand. Lies will be told, find your own truth doing outside research. Don’t believe someone’s blogs. Research with true scientists, not scientists paid by the company that they are “claiming” has the best oils. And not scientists or “doctors” who purchased their “degree” from an unaccredited, unrecognized so called university that is really a diploma mill.

      • Yes and it would be a good idea to contact Dr. Mahmoud Suhail in Oman. He and Dr. HK Lin are the main researchers for Frankincense. There are no other scientists on the planet that know more than they do about Frankincense in particular. I don’t blame doTERRA people for getting so upset, especially by this blog. Their oils are constantly being rejected by researchers because many don’t even hit therapeutic levels and are full of fillers. Even the Cleveland Clinic just made a statement that they will only use Young Living Essential Oils. All of this has been very hard for them to swallow. Starting next week, I will be traveling with a researcher from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston who is also using YL. This list of esteemed scientists and hospitals working with YL goes on and on….

      • http://www.airase.org is also a great group to check out. Their Board of Directors are a group of doctors and scientists that focus on essential oil research and standardization. It’s a great organization with lots of research. You may be able to contact them to ask questions. Both Dr. Lin and Dr. Suhail are on the board. I have emailed both before and they have responded.

  34. This is a great blog! It confirmed that my common sense is in tact and that I was right to question things.

    I, too, recently attended a doTerra presentation. I heard a lot of badmouthing of ALL the other essential oils companies, overdone sales techniques without facts as to why doTerra is better; they just kept insisting that it is a superior product and how well it works, even though the ailments they said it cured for them were painfully obvious (they stated one of the oils relieved their pain but they constantly complained about their pain, that was one that stuck out the most). Neither rep knew the prices, sign up cost, or any answers to any of my questions, and I was told, “do not even try to research any other company’s oils because we did the research and know that no other product on this earth does what doTerra does. We have flown all over the world, so we know”. That is word for word, all of the other people attending were shocked, especially since they later revealed that they haven’t left the state in several years.

    It is not my intention to badmouth anyone, I am merely trying to prove a point: whatever product/company you represent, know your product, exercise integrity, and do not make negative remarks about a competitor. I have a lot of medical problems and these ladies were wholeheartedly trying to help me, and I appreciate that to no end, but they have seriously been misled.

    I would like to thank Soozeeque for helping me to realize that I was right in choosing YL; besides the fact that every bit of research proves YL’s superiority in their product, her constant negativity, bashing (which only reiterated the fact that doTerra does tend to be negative and offensive), and the “facts” she presented, I am glad to be getting on board with YL.

    I apologize if I have offended you, Soozeeque, that is not my intention. However, I did find it a bit odd that you allowed yourself to become so enraged by a simple conversation. That, in itself, leads me to believe that the calming effects in doTerra’s oils are not as effective as they claim to be.

    Good day!

  35. Just another note. doTERRA’s oils have only been rejected by “researchers” affiliated with YL. They are not full of fillers, do your research please. And use them. That’s the true test. Does your child’s croup get healed with YL oils or doTERRA? That’s all that matters, and that’s how you should choose.

  36. The FAQ you posted is dated. Researchers were just as surprised to find BA in Frankincense and that was a more recent finding. Here’s what Dr. Mahmoud Suhail (the authority on Frankincense research right now) had to say in response to the question:

    “There are many parameters and variables that may affect the chemistry of essential oil distillate including machinery variables: distilling temperature, distillation time, condenser efficiency, and distillation pressure and even the metal of the distiller used (ideally should be SS316B). The other variables are related to the resin itself like; harvest-distillation time, resin storage conditions, pre-distillation preparation, and final product storage conditions.
    Boswellic acids were shown in frankincense essential oil distillate (not only B. sacra but carterii as well) and its shelf life was dependent mostly on distilling temperature. So for example, we noted a reduction in Boswellic acids in Boswellia sacra essential of 17-22% over 3 months when the initial distillation was done at temperature of 110 C.
    To test Boswellic acids content in frankincense essential oil, you need to investigate it by HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) and not a regular GCMS (gas chromatography mass spectrometry).
    Please feel free to contact me anytime.
    M. Suhail”

    Just curious because I really don’t know, but my understanding is that doterra’s Frankincense is not sacra or carterii. I have their oils but just never looked.

    As for the rejection of doTerra by other scientists, they are not all affiliated with Young Living or tested those oils BEFORE YL ever had a relationship with them. I know them personally and know how they came about.

    Someone (well-known author and speaker) who chose to use YL told me months ago that a big reason for her decision was because every doterra person she ever met seemed so angry…. huh….

    Honestly, I like the smell of a lot of doterra oils. While definitely weaker than YL oils, they all have that common sweet smell. I was told the name of the chemical added that enhances the brain’s olfactory response to it but cannot remember it. Regardless, it does give them a nice pleasant aroma.

    If those oils are working for you, then by all means carry on. You shouldn’t be so concerned by a little old blog if you are feeling so good and doing so well.

    I love my whole experience with Young Living. I love visiting the farms and taking part in the whole seed to seal process. It’s life-changing. I have never seen a company be so generous and open-book with their products. I love that we are the pioneers in everything essential oils right now. We blaze through unchartered territory and a personality like mine really appreciates that.

    So again, blessings to all of you. I hope you can find a way to be more uplifted and excited about life in general. My blog (which is not even my active one) is certainly not worth your obsession.

    For those that are more aligned with our intentions to live your best life, please feel free to visit our website: http://www.triharmonysuccesstraining.com or join our FB community: http://www.facebook.com/triharmonysuccesstraining

    Much love to all of you, even if we disagree! We are all ONE!

  37. Clearly, there’s no point in debating or trying to convince doTERRA people. No amount of reasoning and evidence will convert them, because they have their minds made up. You might say that they are essential oil heretics! On the other hand, I think it is important to properly inform those still-openminded people who are being deceived by the doTERRA lines.

  38. wow. just sharing a piece of information I was given. Wasn’t expecting the ridicule and insults again. awe well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. lol.

    doTERRA’s oils are 100% pure, nothing is added, no adulteration, no fillers etc. backed up by multiple tests by 3rd party labs who are hired, and not affiliated with doTERRA.

    Can’t wait for some other 3rd party experiments by essential oil chemists to be completed at Indiana State University.

    You’re right, my mind won’t be changed. I’ll continue to use the oils from the largest essential oil company in the world. And, you can continue to believe what you believe as well. I’ll stop trying to “reason and provide evidence” as well. You’re right, not worth my energy or time. Just trying to help others who would stumble on this blog, and like many, believe without questioning.

    I will continue to question, my company and others, because I am a life long learner. I will not apologize for my wish for more knowledge, and my search for the truth. I will no longer question here though. I’ll go to the top.

    • Hello, Soozeeque.

      Here are some 3rd party lab results that I saw recently:

      I am quite puzzled by your comment that you will “continue to use the oils from the largest essential oil company in the world”, and yet you are currently using doTERRA’s oils. That’s quite a contradiction all by itself. Again, research, reason, and openmindedness are definitely in order.

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